Alliance Charter

At all times, respect the mantra of the Tuxedo T-Shirt Alliance:

"We're trying to be formal, but we're here to party."

So have a good time. But don't let your good time step on the good time of another person. Beyond that, here are a few rules that present the non-negotiable aspects to your participation within the Alliance. The rules are meant to provide a safe space for a very diverse group of people.

1) Don't be a dick. Or a Kevin. Being both is right out. This includes everyone we interact with. Don't make the Tuxedo T-Shirt Alliance look bad in public.

2) Be inclusive of everyone. No hate speech or language aimed at being derogatory to a person's age, gender, sexuality, race, nationality or anything else. Diversity is the spice of life.

3) Be inclusive in the game. Don't hate or exclude people for gearscores, ilevels, etc. No "HDPS only", epeen measuring, or other forms of elitism. Don't mandate that only those with certain builds, iLevels or items can participate. If someone meets the requirements the game sets to do content, then they have every right to do the content.

4) No fighting, game bashing, whining, complaining, excessive profanity, politics, religion, etc in Alliance chat. Keep Alliance chat classy. No one's going to jump down your throat for dropping an occasional F-bomb, but there's no need to race to the bottom. Please know the difference between a discussion and an argument. Please have discussions in Alliance chat. Please take arguments to private channels.

5) No cheating or exploiting. Play as it was intended when you're rocking the Tuxedo T-Shirt.

6) Guilds are free to govern themselves as they see fit. However, keep all your guild drama, politics, and dirty laundry to your guild.

7) Despite the game forcing us into a hierarchy, there is no formal chain of command here. This is an Alliance by the people for the people, and everyone who's willing to participate in a civil manner has a voice in all the discussions.

The concept of the TuxedoT/Guild Alliance chat is that it's a resource to be used if you'd like to form groups for dungeons, runs, PvP, Stronghold content or just general conversation. We've come together to make Neverwinter more fun for everyone.

... and ...
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